Gulet Charter

These keel Gulet have attracted millions of holiday makers who have always been to gulet charter in Turkey the whole year round. They have been waiting for long time till summer comes to cruise on board of gulet charter! Though some destinations, like Bodrum and Bosporus, are available for gulet charter cruising at any time of the year, yet tourists come abundantly in summer especially in July and August.

Gulet Charter

July and August are gulet charter high season in Turkey where charter fees are higher than the rest of the year. Therefore, some charterers prefer to cruise in the Turkish Mediterranean in September and June or May because they are less crowded and much calmer than that of high season when tourists gather from all over the world to spend their Gulet Charter holidays in the Mediterranean.

The green olives of the Mediterranean and the mysterious weather of the Aegean will fill your lungs with the fresh air that brings life to your body and soul again! The Aegean and the Mediterranean will thrill you to take a new adventure of cruising over the endless shores of the Turkish Riviera on board of your

Green mountains that are about to reach the coast attract holiday makers who come to Turkey to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkish Riviera and her surroundings. Your cruising on board of gulet charter Turkey will give you a nice opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of Turkey and Turkish Riviera.

Cruising in the company of your intimate friends in the Mediterranean shores is of great excellence. Wavy Aegean is also wonderful and forms an important part of the Turkish Riviera. You can enjoy cruising in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas on board of your gulet charter.

Turkish Riviera has one of the most famous coasts in the whole world. Your gulet charter in Turkey can start from Ölüdeniz or the Dead Sea. This is one of the most visited coasts in the world according to British newspaper’s statistics. This means that you may consider asking your captain to start your cruising from there!!

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