Yacht Rental in Turkey

Yacht rental in TurkeyIf you are considering Blue water cruising as the best possible holiday option than search no more…  having a good time from the morning till the evening swimming , playing with water toys , having breakfast , lunch and dinners prepared according to your food preferences on a yacht rental in Turkey,  then you are in the right place. A wonderful itinerary has been prepared by our professional captains to satisfy our guests’ long dreamed  yacht  rental holiday in Turkey. 

The Bosporus is the bordering line between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and is also the bordering line between Europe and Asia,  This makes a lot of yacht rental holiday makers, come annually to have yacht rental in Turkey every year.

Yacht rental in Turkey

Our luxury motor yacht rental Turkey  have been designed to hold parties Yacht rental in Turkeylike wedding parties and graduation parties accompanied by oriental dancers and other kinds of shows and music according to our guests’ preferences, VIP lunches or dinners.
We have luxury catamaran in Istanbul which can accomdate up to 800 guests yacht charter turkey for special occasions with affordable prices…

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