Yacht Charter Bodrum

Yacht charter bodrum is one of the most popular and suitable destination that you can think of  when chartering a yacht during the whole year in eastern mediterranean,  The temperature is always 5 degrees lower than the rest of Southwestern yacht charter destinations …

Enjoy sailing at any time on board of our yacht charter bodrum where there are many options are available as your itinerary.

Yacht Charter Bodrum

Yacht Charter BodrumMost of our Gulets and motoryachts have been Built in Turkey with highest quality materials and craftmanship in order to suit the luxury living standards at sea. Your choice of  yacht charter shall satisfy your expectations and if arranged three to 6 months months earlier than your preferred charter period.

Most holiday makers arrange their cruising in the Aegean to enjoy yacht charter bodrum 6 months earlier, so that they can be sure that their choice of Motoryacht , Gulet or sailing yacht that has been chosen from our portfolio is available for the period which is confirmed with us.

While on board of your yacht charter bodrum, you can cruise from Turkish Riviera to Greek Islands that are only few hours far from your sailing in the Turkish Riviera. However, you need to pay extra fees in order to cross the territorial waters of Greece.

Yacht Charter Bodrum

In other words, you need to pay for the inward and outward clearances for Greek Islands. Do not worry because you are not going to pay that much for your sailing yacht charter Bodrum when entering Greece. You need to know something very important! Greek Islands are closer to Turkey than that of Greece! 

You will meet people there speaking Turkish, Greek, and English as well! Your yacht charter bodrum would be quite fantastic and you will meet with  surprises that you cannot imagine right now.

Gulet Charter Gulet Charter in Turkey Holiday makers in large numbers seeking luxury and spacious interiors  in such yachts and our luxury Gulet charter in Turkey is suitable for all budgets for people seeking comfort, luxury, relaxation, sun tanning areas,...
Gulet Charter Turkey Gulet Charter Turkey Consider cruising in the chrystal clear blue waters pushed by the gentle breeze of the Aegean Sea will refresh your body and soul . even experienced  people at the sea prefer to cruise on board a deluxe sailing yacht...

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