Gulets For Sale

We know each and every gulet’s owner and their crew which is crucially important for gulets before being uploaded into our portfolio in order to protect our client’s interests.

Anyways, we arrange your visit and company you to the marina or her location when you decide to visit a second-hand gulets for sale when you consider buying a gulet from Turkey gulets for sale since these gulets are custom built and they are all different from one to another as a custom-built one.

Gulets For Sale

We would like to invite our customers to spend a weekend or a few days in Turkey and have a look at our gulets for sale  in order to be able to compare to eachother …

we assure you that you will be able to visit each and every gulet which are available for sale so that  you can choose one from our hundreds of gulets portfolio , whether new, custom built, or pre-owned. You can send your email along with your preferences, so that we can provide you with the information you need for you to prepare yourself to visit all the alternatives.

In our gulet for sale listing  we offer Turkish custom built  gulets for sale the hull material is generaly epoxy laminated mahogany or steel however there are many gulets which are custom built and they donot bear international class society approval during the construction.

however most of the new generatiuon gulets are built with the approval of RINA or LLOYD’S and they are according to class society technical standards…

Gulets For Sale

Gulets For Sale

We can help you choose and buy gulets for sale and sailing yachts for sale in the best pricing possible. the asking Prices are somehow negotiable since you are dealing with our company we can make an offer for and onbehalf of you so that you are aware of the whole negotiation process .

we have all our clients in close contact and we keep in touch with them  regularly even after buying their gulets for sale because we do not leave them on their own once selling gulets… We are committed to be always there helping for whatever they might need  gulets for sale .

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