We are a professional company in the eastern of the Mediterranean. We have been here since the early of 1980s working and living in the blue waters tourism and industry. We can help you get your sailing yachts for sale in an approximate budget that you have devoted for this business.
Hundreds of luxury yachts and sailing yachts were delivered to clients from different nationalities in the world. We have done successful sales to Britain, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others.
We are a group of professional captains and yacht builders who have made their decision to devote their lives to serve clients interested in having a luxury sailing yachts whether for private usage or for chartering and running a business in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Sailing Yachts For Sale

We can help you get your sailing yacht for sale from our portfolio that has been prepared by our professional team through three decades of experience. You can be sure that you have been to the right place! We highly recommend that you do a test to your yacht before you make your decision about buying her. If you have been a yacht owner before, then this is OK for you. Otherwise, we can help you achieve this kind of test. The money you are going to pour for maintaining this vessel will not be regretted.

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